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Veterinary Practical Skills Development for ISTVS

Veterinary Practical Skills Development for ISTVS

Veterinary Practical Skills Development for ISTVS Year Two Diploma students

To acquire an appreciation of the working of animal enterprises, and the potential role of the veterinarian, ISTVS students undertake field work activity in different areas in Somaliland. The supervised field activity allows the students to gain professional, practical and personal skills to be ready to practice as a Vet at the end of the three year program.


After the completion of the first year of study of the Diploma in Livestock Health Sciences students are expected to go for a short visit to various sites that deal with livestock and livestock product. The current first years (2015/2016) went for three day field trip accompanied by two tutors (Mr. Thomas Matinde and Dr.Nuh Haji) from 7th – 9h September 2016.




The main objectives of this activity were;

  1. To expose students to some of the existing stakeholders in the livestock industry in the country and rapport building.
  2. To enable students appreciate the relationship between theory and practice.


The following areas were visited and in each area students were taken through the main activities and processes carried out there by the school’s point person.

  1. Modern tannery –Dharburuk
  2. Traditional slaughter house – Burco (More on the Burao slaughter house click youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SayQ9It5mw)
  3. Livestock market – Burco
  4. Traditional skin tanning area – Burco
  5. Milk market – Burcao
  6. Camel farm – Burco


ISTVS student Abdiwahab Mohammed lending a hand in slaughtering a goat at the Burco traditional slaughter house.

At the Modern tannery –Dharburuk –observation of the skin cleaning procedures. On the right shows skin waiting to be cleaned.

More photos of the field activity can be viewed on our flicker account (Link)



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