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Using livestock manure to improve soil fertility offers ways to enhance forage SNF fodder production


Somaliland Pastoralists face frequent feed shortages for their livestock. This is caused mainly by water scarcity, low soil fertility and the high cost of fodder (due to demands from exporters).

This is a perennial problem and therefore, there is need for long term solution, the use of livestock manure have been shown to increase dry matter in other countries but no studies have undertaken to evaluate the use of livestock by product in Somaliland.

Burcao livestock market

Feed forage is one of the most important factors in livestock production among the Livestock keepers, especially in arid and semi-arid regions. Additionally soil nutrient have depleted over time hence the application of fertilizers and manure . An experiment was carried out under a rain shelter in Malaysia to determine the effects of manure on soil fertility and drip irrigation on forage dry matter content.

The results of the study indicated that total dry matter was higher in livestock manure rather than commercial fertilizer. The highest growth parameters and shoot dry weight were recorded from daily irrigation intervals with goat manure, while the highest yield components were obtained from daily irrigation frequency with NPK fertilizer and poultry manure.

In the light of these results, therefore, for optimum biomass of forage, high irrigation frequency with goat and poultry manure is the most viable option while yield was greatly favored by a high irrigation frequency with NPK. These findings from research in Malaysia suggest some opportunities for Somaliland to test the hypothesis that the use of livestock manure, with drip irrigation, will lower the costs of livestock feed among livestock keepers offering more sustainable ways for pastoralists to earn their livelihoods.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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