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Training on data management in STATA Data management – Day three

Training on data management in STATA Data management - Day three

Training on data management in STATA Data management – day three 14th February 2017

The main objective of this training in STATA Data Management on day 3 was to equip the participants with skills in using several commands used in common  data management activities that include; specific mathematical and logical operators, specific symbols, variable types, labeling databases, labeling variables and value labels, creating and deleting duplicates, replacing variables, recoding, encoding and decoding of variables, combining databases, merging and appending databases. This is a continuation of yesterday’s activities http://stvs-edu.org/?p=709 where participants were introduced to the use of STATA in both data management and analysis. As echoed by the facilitators, Stata was initially popular among economists but these days is used by researchers from all fields. Stata is popular because it is user-friendly, it has perpetual licensing options, has very powerful and specialized user-written add-ons and allows reproducible reporting thus involving menu and command driven interaction options. Stata being a versatile statistical package used for data management, analysis and production of graphical output,  will be very essential to ISTVS research team at research design, importing of data in excel worksheet and then exporting of data to excel, use of numeric and string into the same directory.


Participants have appreciated the training as indeed a hands-on exercise that is preparing them with the knowledge and expertise that will amplify them to process bulk data, aggregate various data sets and reproduce them during surveys in the field. Stata data management application is not only to benefit the ISTVS teaching staff but also the students. ISTVS Students in their final year are expected to complete a mini thesis for those in the Diploma course and research project for those in the degree programme. Their supervisors, now that are equipped with data management skills will, in turn, be able to teach them how to choose the most appropriate data collection instruments while in the field and database tools used in data management, processing, analysis and produce graphical representations in their final research reports/ min-theses.




Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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