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Traditional event for ISTVS Students

Traditional event for ISTVS Students

Traditional event for ISTVS Students

A traditional farewell ceremony was held for the last cohort of the final year students enrolled on the University of Nairobi accredited Dryland Economics and Agro Ecosystem Management program (DEAM). The ceremony also doubled up as congratulatory and farewell function for the first batch of degree the Bachelor of Veterinary students to graduate from ISTVS after the phasing out of the Makerere University Accredited diplomas in Animal Health and Livestock Product Development and Entrepreneurship.

It was an evening event full of joy blended with delicious traditional food and music. Speeches were kept to a minimum to enable the participants fully indulge in what was fabulously on offer.

However, the ISTVS Principal, Dean of Studies, and the Academic Registrar congratulated the students for successfully completing their studies. They also acknowledged the students who arranged the event for their colleagues.

The students will officially graduate from ISTVS on June 22, 2023.





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