The STVS resource centre has a diverse collection of books, online journals/articles, videotapes, thesis, reports, CD-ROMs, newsletters and maps and maintains an up-to date collection of information resources with the aim to satisfy all the information needs of the school students and staff and provide a pleasant environment for learning and training. The resource centre maintains an information management database which has the cataloguing module to ensure that materials and collections are relevant, current and easily accessible and the circulation module to regulate the circulation and lending of information materials.
Through the e-centre resource centre clients get unlimited access to the internet and other full text online information resources and provide a platform for veterinary professions to access appropriate information for training, policy and decision making.

Our services include:
– Lending of different information resources
– Reference services
– Access to online full text information resources through the e-centre
– Photocopying, printing and scanning services

Online information resources:
The Resource Centre also has access to the following online information resources and databases which provide up to date free access to the major journals in biomedical and veterinary sciences and online books.

Online Journals
– Access to Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) Database (The reference centre has subscribed to this database, please ask the Librarian for Login details)
– E-books and reports (Click here to view)

Other resourceful websites, journals and databases
– International Livestock Research Institute (view site)
– Eldis (view site)
– Online Journal of veterinary research (view site)
– World organization for animal health (view site)
– Pubmed (view site)
– Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (view site)
– Food and Agriculture Organization (view site)
– International Veterinary Information Science (view site)
– Medscape (view site)
– Access to global online research in Agriculture (view site)
– Journal of animal science (view site)
-Journal of veterinary science (view site)

Opening hours:

Days Opening hours Contacts
Saturday to Wednesday 7.15am – 6.00pm
Thursday 8.15am – 12.00pm
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