STVS has established 3 laboratories under Good laboratory Practice and is targeting certification for many of its tests.

The Diagnostic and training Laboratory
This laboratory has 2 compartments. The first compartment is dedicated to training students and veterinary professionals in laboratory techniques. The laboratory is well equipped and can accommodate 20 trainees per session. It deals with training on biochemistry, parasitology, general bacteriology and serological techniques including ELISA. The second compartment deals with testing on request (bacteriology, parasitology and serology).

The Mobile Laboratory
The STVS Reference Centre is equipped with a movable laboratory comprising three air conditioned units (bacteriology, parasitology and serology). This movable laboratory is dedicated to outreach services and field investigations. It can be relocated as per need and may remain on the field for as long as needed. The mobile laboratory is equipped with deep freezing facilities that permit preservation of specimen during the field work until the team returns to base. The specimen can then be dispatched for further investigation.

The Food Hygiene and Food Microbiology Laboratory
The Reference Centre is also equipped with a specialized laboratory (under development) dealing with food microbiology, especially on meat, meat products, fish and sea foods and dairy products. This laboratory deals also with other parameters related to food quality and Hygiene and provides advises for food processing plants on Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP.

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