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Sharing our resources and facilities

Sharing our resources and facilities

Sharing our resources and facilities

Only in ISTVS, a research intensive institution does one find state of the art facilities; fully equipped laboratories where students in the Veterinary and Agriculture program can conduct their practical sessions under the supervision of our highly skilled and continually trained technical personnel.

On 11th May, ISTVS welcomed Hargeisa University year four veterinary students to conduct some practical sessions in the diagnostic and food microbiology laboratory accompanied by their Lecturer Abdikarim Mogeh who is also our Alumni. This was an opportunity for Hargeisa University students to tap into ISTVS’ staff expertise.

Ismail Awaleh and Amina Hussein, the food and microbiology lab technicians, instructed the visitors on the following:

  • Overview of milk adulteration
  • Techniques used to identify milk adulteration (Lactometer)
  • Methods used to determine the composition of the milk (Lactose scan)
  • Demonstration of the use of ELISA machine

In the Diagnostic Lab, Nashad Farah instructed them on the following:

  • Brief overview of the diagnostic’s lab rules and regulations
  • Brucella test
  • Blood grouping test
  • Tick identification
  • Blood smear preparation
  • Staining
  • Reading slides

Indeed this was also a great opportunity for ISTVS students and Hargeisa University to interact and share their knowledge, ideas and learning experiences, a great chance of peer learning which significantly improves students learning.

Having our Alumni leading this team was also remarkable as he was able to offer some encouragement especially to the Year one students who are now in session. He is one of the Alumni who has gone on to become instructional leaders, mentors and much more. Speaking to one of his former teachers in ISTVS, Mr Mogeh described his time in ISTVS as life changing for him on both a personal and now a professional level.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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