The ISTVS Students’ Association (ISTVSSA) Committee
ISTVS students are represented by their association which has an Executive Committee comprising of 11 students both boys and girls. These students represent all the students enrolled at ISTVS. The election procedure allows each class to select two students from among themselves to represent the class within the Committee. The Committee has a President elected by the students in the General Assembly at the beginning of each academic year. The President is supported by a Vice-President from the 2nd year students and he is elected by the committee among the two representatives of the 2nd year students.

The ISTVS Students’ Association is made of five Departments, each Department led by one of the members of the Committee. Below are the current student’s Association Committee members in 2013-2014. They are on duty for one year.

STVS student’s Association Committee Members 2014-2015


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Rules and Regulation

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