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Mekelle DVM Upgrade Graduation Ceremony – 10th December 2016

Mekelle DVM Upgrade Graduation Ceremony - 10th December 2016

Mekelle DVM Upgrade Graduation Ceremony- 10th December 2016

Mekelle University, one of the leading veterinary institutions in the IGAD region, has partnered with ISTVS in facilitating ISTVS graduates to upgrade their professional qualifications. Its location is in the town of Mekelle in Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia, at a distance of 783 Kilometers from the Ethiopian capital. This partnership was aimed to address the growing demand in the Somali ecosystem for graduates trained up to degree level for various reasons such as farming systems which are changing as a result of the rapid population increase, climate change, growing threats of emerging diseases and stringent requirements in the international livestock trade. To address these changing trends, Mekelle University supports ISTVS’ graduates in upgrading their Diploma in Livestock Health Sciences (DHL) and Diploma in Livestock Product Development and Entrepreneurship (DLPDE) to a Degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) eventually producing veterinary professionals with higher competence skills. Mekelle University is also proximate to the Somali ecosystem and hence greatly facilitates this important linkage. The first batch of ISTVS graduates enrolled into Mekelle in December 2014 for the two years (six semesters) DVM program, and currently, the program has 27 students.


The first batch of graduates enrolled at Mekelle graduated on 10th December in a ceremony that was attended by the President of Mekelle Dr. Kindeya G/Hiwot, the Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Berihu G/ Kidan (coordinator of the course), the University Senate and members of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally, in attendance, representing ISTVS was the ISTVS Principal and a senior member of staff Dr. Abdulkadir Khalif Abdulle.Makelle_Grad_1

In his speech, the Principal expressed his gratitude for this historic event. He thanked Mekelle University for their role in the implementation of the programme. He indicated that the programme had fostered close cooperation with the two institutions and the graduates of the program would significantly contribute to the development of the livestock industry in the Somali ecosystem. He urged the graduates to ensure that the skills acquired during the training at Mekelle are used to support the livestock sector back at home particularly in ensuring that the necessary export quality control standards are maintained.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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