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LIVE Training on data management in MS-Access – Day two

LIVE Training on data management in MS-Access - Day two

LIVE Training on data management in MS-Access -day two 13th February 2017

The set objectives for the second day of the data management training in MS- Access was to guide the participants in designing forms (and sub forms), designing queries and also developing reports. This is a continuation of yesterday’s activities http://stvs-edu.org/?p=709 where participants were introduced to the use of MS Access. As cited by the facilitators, databases are everywhere these days, and almost every aspect of life is affected by their use. The relational database application will be essential to ISTVS research team in making more sense of the information they have during research, or evaluating survey data, by analyzing it within this database application.


Trainees have described the training so far as a hands-on session that is equipping them with the knowledge and skill that will help prepare them to work with data they will collect from surveys. Not only is the use of this data application beneficial to ISTVS teaching staff but also to the students. ISTVS students in their final year are expected to complete a mini thesis for those in the Diploma course and research project for those in the degree programme. Their supervisors, now equipped with data management skills will, in turn, be able to teach them how to choose the right tools for collecting data as well as use the relational model for handling data.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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