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ISTVS Welcomes Esteemed Guests: A Glimpse into the School’s Vision, Potential, and Future.

ISTVS Welcomes Esteemed Guests: A Glimpse into the School's Vision, Potential, and Future.
On September 19th, 2023, ISTVS was honored with a visit from the esteemed former Somali Minister of Finance, Dr. Abdirahman Ducaale Bayle, and The Principal Agriculture Officer of African Development Bank Mr. Mohamud H. Egeh.
The director of ISTVS, Abdirahman Ibrahim, initiated the visit with a warm welcome speech. The distinguished guests then toured the school’s facilities, which was succeeded by a detailed presentation. This presentation highlighted the school’s origins, the range of courses available, its significant research potential relevant to the region’s development, and future prospects. The session culminated in a robust discussion on potential funding avenues aligned with ISTVS’s vision for growth and expansion.

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