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ISTVS staff welfare members make donations for drought-stricken families


Most newspapers in Somaliland featured stories of families who were going hungry because of lack of food and water in their areas. Appeals were made to Somali people, NGO’s and international relief organizations to make donations to these families. It’s amazing to see how well-wishers came out to distribute food baskets to drought-stricken families. Unfortunately were not only people being affected but also the animals. Livestock was emaciated due to fodder unavailability hence resulting in the reduction of livestock product output. Families relied on water tanks to supply water to homes and out of this the animals were given a handful to get by. This had adverse effects on the livelihood of the people as most of them depend on the sale of livestock or livestock products for their income. With the drought it has obviously been difficult getting any animal products because of the state of the animals and also the animals if to be sold could go for a very cheap price.

As a veterinary school, we heed to the call to donate. ISTVS welfare chairperson Mohammed Aden Guun urged members of staff to contribute towards this noble goal and it was incredible to see ISTVS staff contribute generously to help some of the drought-stricken families. We are very keen on animal care as well as the well-being of people, and our veterinary students have been urged to advise livestock keepers, farmers and the general public as they go on field attachment on ways to mitigate drought to avoid such occurrences year in year out. Through our welfare, we were able to help families who appreciated the effort of the staff in ISTVS. As the rains begin, we hope that the drought will subside, and animals will get enough food as well as families. Hopefully, families can take advantage of the frequent rains and harvest water for later use. The million dollar question, however, remains, “How do we completely eradicate drought in our country?”



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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