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ISTVS Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

ISTVS Monitoring and Evaluation Programme

ISTVS is in the process of establishing a functional M and E system purposed to track implementation and outputs consistently, and measure the effectiveness of its programs. The M and E system forms the basis for modification of interventions and assessing the quality of activities being conducted. The system will be used to demonstrate that ISTVS’ program efforts have had a measurable impact on expected outcomes and have been implemented effectively. The M and E system will also be essential in helping the management, planners, implementers, policy makers and donors acquire the information and understanding they need to make informed decisions about ISTVS’ program operations.
On 30th -31st August 2016, M and E training for ISTVS staff was conducted at Mansoor Hotel, Hargeisa by the IGAD M and E expert, Mr. George Obhai. One of the aims of the training was to enhance the abilities and knowledge of M and E in IGAD and ensure the development of a standard and uniform understanding. The second objective was to improve understanding of M and E processes in the IGAD region. The content of the training entailed introduction to M and E, Indicators, Baseline studies, Review and Evaluation approach, Developing a costed M and E work plan and clarification on training expectations. The training also involved a practical activity in which the participants prepared a results chain model relevant to ISTVS. The training shed light on the importance of a functional M and E system in ISTVS, one which will be fully supported by the management for it to be fruitful.
“What gets measured get managed”-Peter Drucker





Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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