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ISTVS Graduation Ceremony 2018: Unrelenting match to empowering the youth with quality education

ISTVS Graduation Ceremony 2018: Unrelenting match to empowering the youth with quality education

ISTVS Graduation Ceremony 2018: Unrelenting match to empowering the youth with quality education

IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School (ISTVS) in Sheikh, Somaliland is committed to its vision ofproviding quality technical and professional personnel needed to spureconomic and social development in the region. The enthusiasm exhibited by the glittering faces and wide smiles of the 20 students during the occasion of their graduation further emphasized this noble commitment. The ceremony that took place on 13th November was another milestone defining the journey that ISTVS initiated in 2005 when it opened its doors to support youth from the Somali ecosystem to access quality education and play a crucial role in rebuilding their country’s economy.

The ceremony marked the 12th graduation for the diploma veterinary programme with a total of 240 (51 female) graduates, and the 2ndgraduation of the BSc. dryland agriculture programme with a total of 26 (8 female) graduates. This impressive pool (though modest by regional standards) of professionalsis a pearl in the IGAD endeavor to build capacities and empower pastoral communities engaged in pastoral and agro-pastoral production systems.

During the 2018 graduation, a total of 10 students (7 female) were awarded with diplomas in animal health while afurther 10 students (5 female) received their degrees in dryland agriculture. It was a momentousoccasion graced by the presence of senior staff from Makerere University,as well as representatives from the ministries of education, livestock, labour, environmentand transport.

A leading Somaliland musician- Mr. Mohamed “BK”-kept the audience in high spirits with his renowned tunes – a befitting acknowledgment of the tremendous academicachievement and contribution of ISTVS to the national and local economy.

The contributions of ISTVS’ alumni, who continue to achieve great things, have created an exceptional impact on the livestock industry. The same success is expected in the agriculture industry when ISTVS graduates hit the labour market. Speaker after speaker acknowledged the quality of ISTVS graduates, who are eagerly sought afterin the workforcedue to their recognized skills and experience.

The Principal in his speech advised the graduates to be the school’s ambassadors. He further counseled them to be committed to their jobs (as they had been with their studies) and to demonstrate high levels of discipline and integrity.

The 2018 graduates shared their experiences and highlighted how ISTVS had provided them with quality education enabling them to participate in improving the economic growth of their respective regionswithin the IGAD region.

The ceremony concluded with the diploma students presenting the Principal with a fully assembled skeleton of a goat as a sign of their appreciation of the education received from ISTVS that will openopportunities and secure their future.


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