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ISTVS expanding its training to the borderlands


ISTVS expanding its training to the borderlands

With funding from the Somaliland Development Fund, the IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School (ISTVS) is expanding its training to Ministry of Livestock (MoL) animal health professionals working along its international borders.

Border inspection of livestock is the first line of defense against the incursion of animal epidemics into Somaliland and its livestock export trade. Imported live animals and their products present the highest levels of risk as they can transmit serious human and animal diseases. As such it is important to subject them to specific controls at their point of entry – the so-called veterinary border inspection points (BIPs). Border posts are manned by MoL personnel and to ensure that inspections are done professionally, 20 members of staff have just undergone undergone a refresher training, provided by ISTVS. The training covered topics such as how to carry out on the spot inspections of diseases (both zoonotic and livestock trade/ export limiting); how to be community mobilisers/ educators on human health risk associated issues; how to monitor and promote animal health and productivity; how to screen animals destined for slaughter and reduce contamination; how to ensure cleaning and disinfection of trucks used to transport livestock). The training, lasting 3 weeks was conducted from the 6th to the 26th of November 2015, will lead to the protection and improvement of the health, quality and marketability of Somaliland animals and their products.

ISTVS has been contracted by the Somaliland Development Fund, which is financed by DfID, DANIDA, Norway and the Netherlands, to support the Somaliland Government in its implementation of projects in alignment with the National Development Plan.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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