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ISTVS Annual Open day

ISTVS Annual Open day

ISTVS Annual Open day

The open day held on 8th October 2016 attracted participation from prospective students, high school students, parents, staff, ISTVS students and other stakeholders, who were keen to assess the strides made by the institution over the years. Through the open day, ISTVS creates a forum through which prospective students and the general public can interact with departmental staff to find out more about the institution’s programs and other activities as well as provide feedback on the services rendered by the facility.


Officiating at the opening ceremony, the Mayor of Sheikh challenged the students to focus on their academic work and give back to the community. He also thanked the institution for arranging the event and inviting the community around Sheikh. The school principal who echoed the mayors’ words was grateful for the achievements that the organization has made.


Departments of Veterinary Sciences and Dryland economics and agro ecosystem management (DEAM) exhibited during the event to demonstrate their supportive role in the achievement of the core objectives of the institution, all of which play leading roles in molding students at the College. Participants were able to appreciate the services offered by the vet students and the staff. Such services include animal disease diagnosis, treatment, and vaccination as well as awareness drive among the local community. Similarly, the DEAM department showcased some of the methods and technologies that if adopted can ensure crop production amidst the challenge of drought. Such strategies include rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, planting of drought tolerant plants, good agricultural practices among others.


Later in the day, students participated in competitive games and fun activities which included athletics, football, tug of war, sack race, ball collection race, egg spoon and skipping race. Winning participants in different games and fun activities were awarded gifts.


Among the other activities on this remarkable event was a school debate with a theme or motion as “Arranged Marriage is better than Love marriage”. We had three students/ participants on each side for instance; Proposers included; Hooda Mohamed Adam, Omar Mohamed Ali and Siraji Mohamed then those against the motion included; Ahmed Bille Adam, Amino Abdi Ali and Nasra Mohamed Ibrahim. Candidates that opposed the motion emerged the winners by 82% against the others that scored 67%. The debate boosted students’ communication skills especially both speaking and argumentative skills.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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