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ISTVS Advertising Campaign 2017 – Day 1

ISTVS Advertising Campaign 2017 - Day 1

ISTVS Advertising Campaign 2017

Secondary School Head Teachers’ Workshop, March 20th – 21st 2017

The two-day workshop kick-started today, 20th March 2017 at ISTVS and was officially opened by the Principal of ISTVS, Dr. Fred Wesonga who was flanked by the representative from the Ministry of Education, Somaliland. The Principal in his opening remarks welcomed all head teachers present from various secondary schools and thanked them for accepting and honouring the invitation and briefed them about the main objective of the workshop which was to pass onto them first hand information about ISTVS, and requested them to deliver the same to both students and parents in their respective areas of residence and schools.

This was subsequently followed by a presentation about the origins of ISTVS where Dr. Fred informed participants that the initiative took root in 1998, the school started operations in 2005 with two (2) diploma veterinary courses that were accredited by Makerere University in 2009. The school introduced a degree course of BSc. in Dryland Economics and Agro-ecosystem Management (DEAM) in 2013 accredited by University of Nairobi. He also informed the participants that the school was adopted by IGAD in 2012 as a regional academic institution mandated to train manpower to address challenges faced by pastoralists and agro pastoralist in the arid and semi arid areas of the region. He further highlighted the key ISTVS achievements including human capacity development, 220 graduates to date, of which 76% are actively employed across the region. This follows a strong partnership with some of the leading institutions in the region like Makerere University, University of Nairobi and Makelle University in Ethiopia which has enhance the quality education offered at ISTVS.

Dr. Nuh Haji Amir (Head, Basic Veterinary Sciences) also made a presentation on Diploma in livestock health and covered the course content, methodology, assessment and career opportunities for the students with an interest in this particular course.

A presentation on Diploma in Livestock Product Development and Entrepreneurship was made by Dr. Ibrahim Osman (Head, Public Health and Food Safety) on the course contents, methodology, assessment and career opportunities which were appreciated by the participants. There was a rejoinder where one of the head teachers paused a question about breeding systems on how livestock weight can be increased and Dr. Ibrahim suggested that once inspection and standardization measures are tackled, then breeding farms can be established to maximise livestock products.

Mr. Hailesselasie G.A, Head of DEAM presented about the BSc. in Dryland Economics and Agro-Ecosystem Management where he covered the course content, methodology, assessment and career opportunities available in the job market for students who are enrolled  on the programme.

Dr. Abdullahi Sheikh also made a brief presentation about the application and admission procedures at ISTVS, how application forms can be accessed and submitted after filling and the 3-month mandatory foundation course prior to registration for both veterinary and BSc. courses. The Principal summed up the day’s activities with a presentation on ISTVS scholarship policy to the head teachers which was unanimously appreciated by all participants who promised to convey a well-packaged information to their respective teachers, students and parents in their schools.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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