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ISTVS Advertising Campaign 2017 – Day 2

ISTVS Advertising Campaign 2017 - Day 2

ISTVS Advertising Campaign 2017

Secondary School Head Teachers’ Workshop, March 20th – 21st 2017

The second day (and final day) of the workshop commenced with a review of the presentations and discussions held on day 1.

This was followed by a plenary session on improving ISTVS visibility and collaboration on new entrance applications.

Very fruitful discussions were held on how to package the advertisements about the school, the appropriate time to undertake publicity campaigns for new intakes and recommendations on when future teachers’ workshops can be held. Publicity materials, copies of the

scholarship policy and entrance application forms were shared with the school Principals and teachers.

The workshop was closed by the ISTVS Principal who thanked the participants for sparing time to attend the workshop.




Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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