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ISTVS  2023 Graduation ceremony

ISTVS  2023 Graduation ceremony

ISTVS  2023 Graduation ceremony

ISTVS held it 7th and 17th graduation ceremonies for the Animal Health and Dryland Agriculture programs today the 24th June 2023. A total of 63 students graduated, 32 from the animal health program and 31 from the Dryland Agriculture program. Fourteen of the graduates were female.  This was the last batch of students on the University of Nairobi accredited program. The successful implementation of the program is an important milestone as the program was implemented in the context of an arid pastoralist environment equipping the graduates with skills that are in line with the IGAD mission of provision of human resource base that is vital for the development of (of arid and semi-arid lands).

The ceremony was graced by the presence of IGAD senior staff, Mr. Daher Elmi Hussein, Director of Agriculture and Environmental (AED) and Dr. Mohyeldeen Eltohami, Head of Agriculture and Food Security. (AFSU). There were also high-level government guests such as vice-minister of Ministry of Livestock and Fishery Development in Somaliland, Hon. Mahmud Jama Warfa, Somaliland Ports Manager, Mr. Saed Hassa Abdullahi, the Mayor of Sheikh, Eng. Ismail Hussein Ali, regional veterinary officers, and other stake holders such as community leaders and parents.

ISTVS empowerment of female students was demonstrated by a student leader (female student) who spoke eloquently on how education at ISTVS had transformed her life and her colleagues.

The graduation provided an opportunity for the community leaders and high-level government officials to express their views on contribution of ISTVS to livelihoods and development in the region.


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