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GIS training for ISTVS 15th to 18th October

GIS training for ISTVS 15th to 18th October

GIS training for ISTVS 15th to 18th October

Prepared and compiled by Fred Wesonga

A GIS training was conducted at ISTVS from the 15th to the 18th of October 2017. The training was implemented by a team from ILRI which was led by Catherine Pfeifer. Two ISTVS staff (Mohamed Aden and Jabir Hussein) who recently attended a GIS training at ILRI assisted in the training.

The overall goal of the training was to enable participants develop basic GIS skills that will enable them to develop their capabilities further on their own.

A total of 11 current (seven 4th year degree program) and former ISTVS students attended the training.


The key objectives of the training were:

  • to enable the participants explain key concept of GIS in their own words (comprehension)
  • to enable participants apply basic GIS data manipulation

Topics covered

A range of topics were covered during training as outlined below.

Day 1 .The topics covered included: What is GIS, nature of the data, basic manipulations, elements of maps, preparing a map for publication.

Day 2. Presentation of maps, projection introduction to GPS, GPS data collection and mapping.

Day 3 Presentation of maps, GPS data management, reading survey data and spatial joint  

           interpolation, interpolating survey data.

Day 4 Presentation interpolation, raster manipulation, GIS puzzles, certificate award ceremony,

evaluation – movie making.

The overall evaluation of the students at the end of the training was positive. It is envisaged that more GIS trainings will be held at ISTVS.


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