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Gender Mainstreaming Skills Training Workshop for Core Staff of IGAD Secretariat, ICPAC and ICPALD.


Gender Mainstreaming Skills Training Workshop for Core Staff of IGAD Secretariat, ICPAC and ICPALD.
12th to 14th December 2017, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Prepared by: Robert Waweru, M.A.Sociology Lecturer,and ISTVS.

Rationale for the Training
The above training was for core staff who had not had an opportunity to attend the training workshops conducted earlier on, and for those that had joined IGAD Institutions recently.

Some 30 core staff from the Secretariat, ICPAC and ICPALD was targeted to attend the workshop as scheduled.
Main Objective of the training
The main objective of the training was to enhance the knowledge and capacities of staff in gender equality and women’s empowerment (GEWE) issues.
Specific Objective:
• Conceptualizing mainstreaming
• How to mainstream gender in development planning
• Application of tools to assess gender responsiveness of a Sector Strategy /Plan/ Policy/ Project.

Concepts covered during the training

• Definitions of Terms and Concepts Related to Gender and Development.
• Presentation on Genesis, Mandate, Accomplishments and Challenges of gender issues at IGAD secretariat:
• Overview of GEWE: Key Gender and Development Concepts and Approaches
• Collection of and/or use gender statistics in policy formulation, planning, budgeting and programming.

• Conceptualizing mainstreaming:
• Overview of Gender Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation
• Define key concepts in M&E
• Formulate gender responsive M&E indicators.
• Review sector/project performance reports from a gender perspective

Way Forward
• Enhanced coordination within different sectors/institutions of IGAD ON gender issues
• Strengthening the gender programme at IGAD secretariat with more human resource.
• Involvement of the gender programme in proposal development to help align projects with normative documents in regard to GEWE (UN Resolution 1325, 1820.AU Agenda 2063 etc.)
• Improved systematic tracking of gender and women empowerment activities within IGAD institutions.


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