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Prepared by: Dr. Abidideq, Lecturer,and ISTVS.

One of ISTVS’ teaching methodologies is ensuring students put theory learned in class into practice. Students are taken for Field trips to visit critical areas that support the livestock industry in the Somali Ecosystem.

On 14th April to 15th April 2018, ISTVS’ Diploma third-year students visited Tayib Burao slaughterhouse, Tayib meat processing factory and Manfac poultry farm as part of their practice sessions related to public health and animal production courses.

The objectives of this field trip were to expose students to:-

  1. To practically grasp the layout of a modern slaughterhouse for both goat and camels
  2. To carry out ante and post-mortem inspection
  3. To practically observe the hygiene regulation needed for a modern slaughterhouse
  4. To have practical knowledge of meat processing plants and other infrastructures related to that.

Tayib Burao slaughterhouse operates under a public and private partnership with Dayib companies now running the management of the slaughterhouse. Dr. Sayed Abdirahiim, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, welcomed the students and Tutors from ISTVS and he guided our fieldwork.

On 14th April, the field work’s first stop was the slaughterhouse. The different sections of the slaughterhouse house were observed and explained to the students. All equipment and facilities available to the slaughterhouse were described to students by the Tutors and Dr. Sayid. An antemortem examination was also conducted on animals intended for local consumption. Also, we visited a layer poultry slaughterhouse which was established by the just graduated student from Hargeisa University. In addition to getting practical knowledge on the management of poultry farms, students were able to comprehend that instead of seeking employment they can employ themselves by creating a poultry farm or by creating other businesses which are related to the knowledge they are learning from ISTVS. The students also had an opportunity to see the cage system of the farm which was mobile and got a chance to learn how to assemble it.


  • Students were able to practically see a modern slaughterhouse with enough facilities to export animals.
  • Students were able to carry out antemortem examination
  • Students were able to see meat processing plants.
  • Students were able to gain practical knowledge of poultry farm management.












DrSayidshows some of the equipment available at slaughterhouse



















































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