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Fact Finding Mission to Mandeek Poultry Farm and Ministry of Agricul¬ture, Somaliland


Mandeek Poultry Farm
The visit was as a result of issues raised by the students. The aim was to identify the challenges hindering the attachment at Mandeek poultry farm and the attachment progress at the Ministry of Agriculture.
The team comprised of the following members:
• Ali Shaqalle-Administration and Finance
• Mohammed Abdirahman-Field Attachment Coordinator
• Robert Waweru-Academic Supervisor.

Findings at Mandeek
The on-site supervisor, Dr Najib was satisfied with the students in terms of their commitment and desire. They had been able to carry out the allocated tasks sufficiently.
The students need to make notes of daily activities on the log books and share it with the on-site supervisor for approval.
The on-site supervisor is working on a schedule in order to ensure that all the students are able to experience all the aspects that are relevant to their specializations at ISTVS.

During the first day, the students were given an orientation tour of the entire poultry farm so as to have an understanding of all the activities that are carried out within the poultry farm. In the days that followed the students were involved in: feeding, watering, collection of eggs and packaging.

Ministry of Agriculture
The visit to the Ministry of Agriculture was a spot-check to see how the students were progressing.
All the three students are engaged in different departments within the Ministry of Agriculture. By the time of the visit, the students were in the following departments:
• Crop Protection-Badra Mohammed
• Meteorology –Mustafa Jirde
• Crop Production-Awil Abdirahman
This therefore means that the students will experience different on-site supervisors as they are rotated for a holistic experience.
The Field attachment Coordinator reiterated the need to fill the Logbook on a daily basis and share it with on-site supervisor for verification..



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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