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Exciting Developments in Dryland Agriculture at IGAD STVS!

Exciting Developments in Dryland Agriculture at IGAD STVS!
Over the 3rd and 4th of October, the passionate students from our Dryland Agriculture program were busy with their hands in the soil, bringing the teachings from the classroom into the real world. On the demonstration farm of the institute, they embarked on the journey of transplanting an array of cash crops.
🌿 From the Greenhouse to the Field: These crops weren’t just any crops. They started their life in our greenhouse, carefully nurtured in seed beds, protected, and prepared for their eventual move to the broader field. The transition from the controlled environment of a greenhouse to the open field is a significant step, and our students handled it with utmost dedication and care.
🥬 The Line-Up: And what a variety of crops it was! From the ever-nutritious cabbage and lettuce to the tomatoes and the beetroot. A true testament to the versatility and potential of dryland agriculture.
📚 Guided by the Best: A big shoutout to the dedicated lecturers of IGAD STVS who provided their invaluable guidance every step of the way. It’s this synergy of eager students and experienced teachers such as Mohamed Abdirahman that ensures these crops are given the best chance to thrive.
This endeavor not only provides hands-on experience for our students but also emphasizes the institute’s commitment to exploring the extensive possibilities of dryland agriculture in IGAD region.
Join us in celebrating these accomplishments, and let’s look forward to a bountiful harvest season! 🌾🍅🥬🎉
For more updates, stay tuned and keep supporting the incredible work being done at IGAD STVS.

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