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End of Academic Year Field Trip -Year Two Diploma

End of Academic Year Field Trip -Year Two Diploma

End of Academic Year Field Trip -Year Two Diploma

Second-year students pursuing Diploma in Livestock Development and Entrepreneurship and Diploma in Livestock Health Sciences are expected to visit a number of both public and private organisations to complement what is learnt in class with hands-on field experience similar to what the student will encounter in their workplace environment when they eventually graduate.

In accordance with the Problem Based Learning (PBL) programme at ISTVS, the visit was designed to enhance and further consolidate the participants’ knowledge on theory class lessons.

For this particular academic year 2016/2017, this activity was organised with ISTVS in conjunction with Somaliland chamber of commerce. The field work was undertaken from the 7th to the 24th June 2017.

Objectives of the visit

The general purpose of this activity was to help students practically relate theory learnt in class and what happens in the real livestock industry.

Specific objectives

  • To be able to identify the structure-conduct-performance of livestock market in the visited area
  • To enable students to learn about the grading system used for both small ruminants (sheep and goats) and large ruminants camel and cattle.
  • To allow students to identify biosecurity threats in the livestock sectors especially poultry and ruminants
  • To help students understand livestock pricing, data collection in price and quantity
  • Students to appreciate the use of livestock market information system right from collection, analysis and dissemination of market information by the chamber.

Areas visited

Areas visited include: LMIS at the chamber of commerce

  • Ministry of Livestock department of veterinary laboratories
  • Mandeeq Slaughterhouse of Hargeisa.
  • Hargeisa Poultry Farm.
  • Cattle market Tog-Wajaale District.
  • Hargeisa Livestock market
  • Milk Market
  • Dairy camel farm
  • Meat market


The exercise was very successful, and a lot of new collaborations were built which are very fundamental for future field activities.

The supervised field is fundamental since they allow the student to focus only on the set objectives in the area and maximise the learning process.

 (Article shared by Thomas Matinde; Photos by Abdullahi Herzi-Field supervisors)


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