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East Africa Field School Sharing Event.


East Africa Field School Sharing Event.

Prepared by: Robert Waweru, M.A.Sociology Lecturer, ISTVS. 

A work shop was held in Kigali from the  29-30th November 2017 in Kigali Rwanda. The workshop was a field sharing event on Pastoral Field school (PFS) concept. ISTVS was represented at the workshop by Mr. Robert Waweru. ISTVS was privileged to host a regional training on Pastoral field schools in 2016/2017.

The objectives of the workshop were to

Sharing of field school information, knowledge experiences lessons across countries and actors of the sub region.

Launch of the sub-regional FS actor network and social networking web platform

  • The workshop focused on the following thematic areas:
  • Innovations and new adaptations of the FS approach,
  • Application of FS in new contexts,
  • Successful linkage and partnerships between FS interventions and other approaches/stakeholders,
  • Experiences and lessons learned from FS institutionalization ingovernment/or other organizational set-ups,
  • Success story or best practices that show impact of FS

 The workshop highlighted the importance ofPFS :

  • They address livelihood concerns in a holistic manner puttingfarmers at the centre of all key decisions
  • Solutions of the pasts may not be very applicable especially in the view of climate change and changing land use.
  • PFS can address challenges to agriculture and rural livelihoods: climate constraints, fall army worms, displacements, refugees due to conflict and drought.


Opportunities/Areas for more Learning/Way Forward

  • Livestock FS representation needs to be enhanced. More Pastoral FSnecessary.
  • Institutionalization of FS within the relevant governments for coordination.
  • Standardized approach to FS in the region.
  • Role of FAO and other stakeholders in FS institutionalization needs to be clarified.
  • Other aspects of FS institutionalization and conditions for success.
  • Clear exit strategyby implementers and sustainability of FS still a challenge for many countries.
  • Integration of more cross cutting issues: Gender, Nutrition and HIV & AIDS in FS.
  • Role of private sector actors in FS activities within the different countries.
Participants in a plenary session.




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