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DEAM student supervision visit (03-06 June 2016)

DEAM student supervision visit (03-06 June 2016)

DEAM student supervision visit (03-06 June 2016)


A student supervision visit was conducted from 03-06-2016 to 06-06-2016 in Gabiley, West of Hargeisa. Three third year DEAM students hosted by HAVOYOCO were visited to assess the progress made during their 8 week attachment. During the attachment, the students were expected to acquire experience in office management, project management, data collection techniques, reporting, hands-on experience in field activities and report writing. The students were supported by two field supervisors in their day to day activities.

Objectives of the visit

  • Understand the major engagements of students and check what is really happening at the actual site
  • Help students to enhance their learning skills
  • Create confidence on the relationship between the supervisors and the students
  • Provide necessary advice on site


Methodology followed

The academic supervisor developed a checklist for a 2 days visit. The students were notified about the visit to enable them and their respective field supervisors prepare for the visit. The first trip was made to Gabiley followed by an extended visit to one practical site to get a general overview of what the field activities. HAVOYOCO has assigned two field supervisors one being the main and the other a support supervisor. Each student has to be exposed to each supervisor. The students were individually interviewed on the field activities undertaken and plans for the remaining activities. Finally, discussion was made with the two field supervisors individually. The marks for individual students (out of 30) were filled in agreement among the 3 supervisors (the two field supervisors and the main academic supervisor.

General field observations

A visit was made to one of the sites where students are currently exposed to practical work. At the site, the students interacted closely with the farmers where they acquired practical experience on animal husbandry. The students also took training on animal inspection, vaccination, awareness on dangerous traditional animal husbandry and other management practices.

At the site also students participated in field practicals on crop production, pastures, and water harvesting and earth structures.

At the end of the visit, students were advised to work hard during the remaining attachment days, correct their weaknesses in activities undertaken, be more keen observers of their environment, assembly all the required documents and start writing the field reports.

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Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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