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Data Management training, Day one.

Data Management training, Day one.

Data Management training, Day one-12th February 12, 2017

Today marks the start of a five-day training taking place at ISTVS which is part of the Livestock Investment and Vocational Education (LIVE) Programme funded by DANIDA and implemented by Terra Nuova and ILRI. The participants of the training include ISTVS academic staff, Dr. Mohammed Nuh Jama and Dr. Mohammed Elmi who are ISTVS -Mekelle graduates, as well as Mohammed Abdul a representative of Terra Nuova office in Garowe. The ISTVS principal officiated the beginning of the training highlighting the importance of the training and highlighting the two objectives of the training that is designing MS-Access databases and data management in Stata. Facilitators of the training are Nicholas N. Ndiwa and Francis Wanyoike from International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi.


Preliminary information on the LIVE programme

LIVE programme will liaise with the ministry of livestock to invest in human and physical capacity at IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and reference center to enable it to undertake livestock research and disseminate results. Live programme will support the Ministry of Livestock to enforce standards for animals in markets, during transport, in quarantine stations and during shipping as outlined in the Animal Welfare by –law No.34/2006

The live programme will collaborate with the Kenya Institute of public policy research and analysis to invest in the human capacity development of the Ministry of Livestock and other ministries to enable them to use research results in public policy formulation and implementation.

LIVE programme will collaborate with the Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) to invest in the human and physical capacity of the Somaliland Quality control commission so as to strengthen the application of quality standards in trade and safeguard consumer safety.

LIVE programme will support the Somaliland and chambers to commerce, industries, and Agriculture to operate the Livestock Market Information system and avail up to date information to guide policy formulation as well as become a tool for training and research at ISTVS.

The following is scheduled to take place in Day 1

  • A review of the training objectives, the training program, and the manner in which the training will be conducted.
  • Introduction to MS Access databases
  • Designing MS access data tables

In the Afternoon session, participants will learn how to design MS access data tables, be guided on an exercise on creating MS Access data tables as well as learn about relationships of data.

A smooth running of the training plan is expected from the 12th of February to Thursday 16th.




Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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