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Somaliland has approximately 19 Million of livestock (camel, cattle, sheep and goat), and livestock contribute about 60 % GDP of the country. Therefore livestock is main source of income for Somali people. Unfortunately, the collapse of former Somali government resulted abandoned veterinary service and depletion of skilled veterinarians and veterinary surgeon.

Introduction of IGAD SHEIKH TECHNICAL VETERINARY SCHOOL(ISTVS), a regional veterinary institution revived  livestock veterinary services in Somali ecosystem by providing well trained veterinary personnel throughout Somali ecosystem.

Recently, ISTVS clinic section performed several surgical operations including Rumenotomy, caesarean section, hernia repairing and castration to livestock especially on goats.

These kind of activities were absent in the country for nearly three decades but today ISTVS has skilled personal and materials needed to carry out these major surgeries.

Plastic bags and consumption of foreign materials is common problem among the livestock in Somali ecosystem and the most suitable treatment intervention is by removing plastic bags from the rumen (stomach) hence Rumenotomy (stomach surgery) is best option. Therefore, ISTVS can now save animals from the tragedy of plastic bags and foreign material in their stomach.

Previously, livestock were dying for dystocia (difficult of birth) because there were no skilled Veterinary surgeon who could help deliver fetus through surgery luckily ISTVS has got a competent veterinarian who can perform such operations.

Apart from the importance of these operations to the community, ISTVS students were also participating and grasping these activities.

Dr Abdideeq Mohamed Yusuf (one of the ISTVS-Makerere Graduate who recently joined back to ISTVS) was the lead surgeon of these operations.



Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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