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Applying Stata datasets appropriately in Data management: LIVE PROGRAMME, Day four


Applying Stata datasets appropriately in Data management: LIVE PROGRAMME, Day 4

Today’s training begun with a recap of yesterday’s application of stata commands that included; specific mathematical and logical operators, symbols, variable types, labeling databases, labeling variables and value labels, creating and deleting duplicates, replacing variables, recoding, encoding and decoding of variables, combining databases, merging and appending databases. However Francis Wanyoike and Nicholas Ndiwa, the two facilitators from ILRI emphasized the use of two commands; of merging variables and appending files from different datasets.

Participants fully appreciated the use of these commands during data management through several trial exercises that were conducted to test whether they actually comprehend well these skills of stata application. It engaged them entirely as they were able to add variables to an open data set (Master file) from the external dataset (Using) based on the common variable to match the records. Participants were also able to append data where records to be analyzed were entered into separate files but with the same variables. Since ISTVS is mandated to enhance research, it would therefore be an imperative exercise to train the staff with the knowledge of Stata applications that has been offered to them by ILIRI.

Participants have expressed gratitude in terms of processing bulk data, aggregate various data sets and reproduce them during surveys in the field which should be transferred to students who will be soon conducting their research exercises.

Apparently, Bille Ahmed who is currently in his final year of Dryland Economics and Agro ecosystem Management, has expressed interest on behalf of his colleagues to acquire some training of Ms Access and Stata Packages to equip them well for both their research projects and also in the work environment “life after school” and this will be ensured by staff that have been trained properly with this software under LIVE Programme. This kind of training will help even government officials in the ministry of livestock to compute accurate, consistent and up-to-date statistics of livestock, grades, and prices per grade and total incomes per household in the whole country that is if they seek training with ISTVS particularly on these very crucial versatile statistical packages.




Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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