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APFS Training at ISTVS

APFS Training at ISTVS

APFS Training at ISTVS

The training for facilitators for Agro Pastoral Field Schools (APFS) was recently undertaken at ISTVS. ISTVS was selected to be the center for conducting the training of facilitators (TOF) during the month of September and the Master Trainers (MT) for three months (November 2016 to February 2017). In collaboration with FAO, the first training on APFS TOF was held at ISTVS from 20th September to 9th October 2016. During this training, 10 facilitators were trained, and 4 APFS practice groups (Suuqsade, Dubur, Alaa’ule, and Eel-afwayne) were established in Sheikh District led by trained facilitators.

The second phase of the APFS training involves (training) of Master Trainers in which 22 people are being trained. The participants are drawn from different countries within the Horn of Africa. Three of the trainees are from Kenya, three from Ethiopia, and the rest are from the three regions of the Somali ecosystem. http://stvs-edu.org/?p=603

The institution is a favorable location for the trainings since it is located in the midst of pastoral communities engaged in pastoral and agro-pastoral production systems. In addition to this, the APFS program is in line with ISTVS’ strategy to explore the viability of establishing a dedicated institution working for improved resilience in the pastoral areas of the ASALs region.

The Horn of Africa continues to experience severe food crisis due to successive droughts. This has led to a decline in livestock and agricultural production leading to food shortage; increased food prices hence enhancing the vulnerability of the poorest communities to food insecurity. The depletion of pastoralists’ livelihoods and the strains on agricultural production has led to increasing instability over the scarce natural resources. The formation of APFS in communities in the Horn of Africa will enable communities to effectively strengthen livelihood strategies, capacities and efficiently utilize their resources. APFS programs succeeded in enhancing livelihoods and building the resilience of smallholder farmers and agro-pastoral communities in other countries in the region such as Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Borana Zone Southern Ethiopia amongst others.





Mohamed Aden Guun - ISTVS IT and Data Manager

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