IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary
School and Reference Centre (ISTVS)
+252 2 730118

Careers guidance & Opportunities

Career opportunities

  • Courses offered are in line with ISTVS mission of strengthening IGAD member states’ human resource base for pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities’ increased resilience capacity in ASALs
  • BSc DEAM graduates are furnished with knowledge and skills to enhance productivity and ecosystem management within the IGAD dry-lands region
  • DLH and DLPDE graduates are furnished with knowledge and skills to support the pastoral production and export oriented system
  • Students choose the course they want to pursue at the end of the Foundation Course (min. nos. apply)
  • Students are provided adequate career guidance on the courses and informed of the opportunities available on graduation
  • Students are encouraged to discuss with their parents on their choice of course – bearing in mind academic ability, genuine interest and careers available on completion of the course

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