IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and Reference Centre (ISTVS) is a regional institution located in Sheikh, in the Sahil highlands (Somaliland). Its mission is to build drought sustainable resilient pastoral and agro-pastoral communities through training and research and skills development.

ISTVS’ main characteristics are:

  • Student-centred learning methodology with emphasis on hands-on practical skills
  • Specialized in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) where the predominant animal production system is pastoral
    Emphasis on economics, marketing and regulations on animal and animal products international trade.
Courses for Academic Year 2016-2017

ISTVS offers a new 4-year course, awarding University of Nairobi Bachelor in Science in Dry-land Economics and Agro-ecosystem Management (BSc DEAM)


  • Somali nationals – USD 1015 per semester (USD 2130/ year) – including tuition, study materials, field trips
  • Foreign nationals from IGAD region – USD 1330 per semester (USD 2660/ year) – including tuition, study materials, field trips
  • USD 50 – to register with University of Nairobi, with Identification card.

ISTVS also offers a 3-year courses, awarding Makerere

University Higher Diplomas in Livestock Health Sciences(DLH), and in Livestock Product Development and Entrepreneurship (DLPDE).

Graduates of the DLH and DLPDE will be furnished with knowledge and skills to support the pastoral production and export oriented system. Traditional livestock markets are demanding observance of international standards, so as to safeguard public health and to improve livestock production and animal welfare.

ISTVS graduates may upgrade their Diplomas to fully-fledged Degrees, at other Universities within the IGAD region with whom ISTVS has agreements.


  • Somali nationals – USD 765 per semester (USD 1530/ year) – including tuition, study materials, field trips
  • Foreign nationals from IGAD region – USD 955 per semester (USD 1910/ year) – including tuition, study materials, field trips
  • USD 75 to register with Makerere University, with Identification card.

Student accommodation is available within ISTVS premises. It is mandatory for foreign students of non-Somali origin, while foreign students of Somali origin and Somali students may organise their own accommodation within Sheikh town, or be accommodated in ISTVS while places last. Cost: USD 120 per month to cover ISTVS accommodation and meals.

Admission criteria for both courses: admission is based on the following minimum qualifications:

  • O level certificate holder (from all IGAD countries)
  • Passed ISTVS Entrance Examination (in English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • One semester ISTVS Foundation Course (English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology)
  • Only successful applicants who pass the ISTVS Entrance Examination and Foundation Course Examination will quality for admission
  • Applicants holding A level qualifications will be required to sit the ISTVS Entrance Examination, but will be exempted from the Foundation Course and its examination

To apply to ISTVS, applicants should submit the following:

  • Copy of O or A level certificate, or if in final year of secondary school, a copy of school enrolment or exam ID or authenticated letter specifying school attended.
  • Copy of ID card/ passport
  • Student current contact address (valid e-mail address and telephone number)

As the Foundation Course takes place during Semester One, students pay USD 305 for the Foundation Course.

– Only those students proceeding to DEAM, DLH or DLPDE will pay the remainder of their semester fee

– Graduation and transcript costs are additional and vary according to accrediting institution

– Costs apply to 2016/2017 academic year

Documentation should be sent to, not later than June 12th 2015.

IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and Reference Centre, Sheikh, Somaliland
Tel: +252 2730118 or +252 2 4400433
Email: stvs@stvs-edu.org or tn.nairobi@tnea.or.ke
Visit our website for more information: www.stvs-edu.org

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