2013 at a Glance – ‘‘The year of transformation from project status to Regional institution – Photo of the Past Year”

  1. On May 2013 ISTVS has lost an outstanding leader not only to the school but to the whole county at large. a source of inspiration, guidance and leadership to the whole ISTVS family. Hajji was one of the prominent veterinary scholars in the region. He was one of those who make possible the success history of ISTVS. The school will remember. My Allah takes him to Janatal fardawsa.
  2. On 20th May 2013, the European Union has launched the handing over phase of the Sheikh Technical Veterinary School to the Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD). The pioneer school specialized in animal health and livestock production in arid and semiarid lands of the horn of Africa. That day the EU donated the school for 3 million EUR to make sure the smooth transition of the school management and boost the school’s education services. The fund is specifically to upgrade the academic programmers to university level and extending training and collaboration with other institutions in the Entire Horn of Africa.
  3. 8th -10th May 2013, a jointly organized workshop by ISTVS and University of Nairobi held In Naivasha Kenya on developing a curriculum for Dry-lands Agriculture Economics (DEAM). A four year degree for dry-land agriculture economics were fully completed in that workshop and was sent to the University of Nairobi senate for approval
  4. On June 15th 2013, ISTVS advertised a new four year full university course: Bachelor in Science in Dry-land Economics and Agro-ecosystem Management (BSc DEAM). The main aim behind the establishment of this new course was to produce manpower that is expected to contribute towards redressing the unique constraints limiting the productivity and ecosystem management within the IGAD dry-land. The program was to implement by university of Nairobi (UoN) which is one of the leading universities in the region of the Horn of Africa. In response to the new advertised course more than 60 secondary school leavers applied the course initially.
  5. On July 21st to 22nd July ISTVS governing council was formed at a meeting held in Kampala. The meeting was organized by IGAD and present were : ISTVS representatives , IGAD, Terre Nouva , academic partners including Makerere University , University of Nairobi and Makelle university. The governing was formed to provide guidance and management of the School and act as a link between IGAD secretariat and ISTVS. The structure of the council was proposed in the meeting with the hope to function fully soon
  6. October, 29th 2013, the IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and Reference Centre (ISTVS) celebrated its 7th graduation ceremony. It was a distinct and different graduation date. The first ISTVS graduates to be receiving the Makerere certificate, it was an honor of the family and the whole country. The year’s occasion was graced by honorable Ahmed yonis Habane, IGAD executive director representative, also present were: mayor of sheikh, academic registers of the University of Makerere and university of Nairobi, the parents, students, senior lectures and assistant lecturers, subordinate staff and guests. 35 graduates, 5 of whom are females were awarded Diplomas in
  7. Livestock Health Sciences (DLH) and Diploma in Livestock Product Development and Entrepreneurship (DLDE).
    In response to the growing and expansion of the school, ISTVS have started to expand the school facilities. Earlier in October, a tender for building number of school facilities was advertised. The buildings have started December 2013. The new facilities will include lecture theaters, a big hole, lecture halls, classes, offices, etc. These facilities are to help the school on its agenda to expand to fully fledged university inshalah.
  8. On December 2013, a delegated from ISTVS and IGAD have visited Makelle university to unlock the already signed MoU . The delegates compare the ISTVS curriculum and makelle curriculum for veterinary courses (BVM and Bsc in Animal Health science). They agreed to continue the collaboration and Makelle university to send a delegation from there university to ISTVS to complete the rest of the process. The hope is that by the start of the year 2014, ISTVS graduates can join Makelle University to upgrade their diplomas to either Bachelor of veterinary Medicine (DVM) or Bsc. In Animal Health Science (summer programe).
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